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Winter/Spring 2022

Betsy Ratzsch Art

A dark Covid winter and a record wet spring really discourage writing a spring newsletter! But there's still time! At last here in Michigan we have bulbs and blooming trees filled with birds! We all stand in amazement!

The returning light helps out hugely in the studio. Brighter light and longer days increases work time and color mixing!

As you can see from the new paintings posted, my pallet is light for spring. I do still love to paint the dark gray storm clouds as they move across the lake. I'll be adding more new paintings in the summer newsletter so revisit when you can.

I have no summer shows scheduled so don't hesitate to call for an appointment to stop by the studio to look in person. Bring a group of friends and we'll have a great time enjoying art together.

Think of paintings as a wonderful gift the special moments of life that occur in the spring. I'm giving a small painting as a wedding anniversary gift.

See you soon, my friends. Blessings to each of you. Betsy

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