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About Betsy

As a child I loved both the water and art. Now, as an adult, the body of water has changed from ocean to the inland ocean of Lake Michigan. My art training began informally with encouragement by my artist grandmother and mother. Then an art degree in college. Painting was my focus then but a few years after college I fell in love with pottery. It must have been the water !

For 40 years I was a functional potter, making useful objects to sell in galleries and shows. In 1995 I started my own gallery featuring my pottery and the work of over 120 American craft makers. After 20 years of owning my gallery I decided (with the help of worn out hands) that it was time for a change.

Since 2013 I have been rediscovering painting on canvas and wood panels with acrylic paint. My focus is on the peace that spending time with Lake Michigan brings me and incorporating that tranquility into my art. My goal is to give more of an impression of how being at this huge body of fresh water feels rather than how it looks exactly. See if a piece speaks to you. I hope it does.

Betsy, age 4, Ship Island
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