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Winter 2022/2023

Wishing you joyful celebrations with family and friends in the coming holiday season!

Beach Shed On Lake Michigan

This little beach shed was a lovely discovery or me this Fall when I visited a friend at her cottage right on the east shore of Lake Michigan. It really piqued my interest and will be showing up in paintings to come

Betsy Ratzsch Art Studio Above Her Garage

My studio is above the garage which creates a lovely “tree house” atmosphere. It is six steps from my back door so my work time can be long or short.

Natural Light From The Windows In Betsy Ratzsch' Art Studio

There are windows on all four walls and a skylight so the daylight is plentiful. Natural light is really necessary to judge color.

Betsy Ratzsch At An Art Show

Lake Michigan has been my muse for many years and probably will remain so for some time. My hope is that you receive the peace and tranquility that it brings me.

News Flash!! Watch for updates on my upcoming show at the Amy Van Andel Library in Ada, opeining January 10, 2023! Details coming.

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