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Musings - Summer 2021

Paint Pallete

Summer is the perfect time for musings - outside under a tree, near a stream, by a lake. For me that lake is Lake Michigan, a huge body of fresh water. After so many summer vacations staring out at the horizon the vision seems imprinted on my creative imagination. So now that I am in a new part of my artistic life, the space is open for this vision to return full force.

Does water somehow signify more than just elemental majesty? Peace is often so much easier to find when near water. For me the lake and other water recalls journeying, traveling, beginnings and endings.

Lake Michigan Beach

In my painting the viewer is invited to gaze at the horizon, relax, think, or just enjoy the colors. Never feel that art is mysterious. It shouldn't be. It should be clear to you what you feel as you look.

Waves Rolling Up To The Beach On A Grey Cloudy Day

As a painter I want you to feel what you might feel if you experiencing a visit to a lake. Finding the peace, tranquility and enjoyment.

The last few weeks I've been trying to add more layers to my paintings so that up close viewing is interesting. I want the work to look like the lake feels when you're there.

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