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Art That Invites

Rest, Peace & Contemplation.

Meet The Artist

As a child I loved both the water and art. Now, as an adult, the body of water has changed from ocean to the inland ocean of Lake Michigan. My art training began informally with encouragement by my artist grandmother and mother.


Then an art degree in college. Painting was my focus then but a few years after college I fell in love with pottery. It must have been the water!

After 20 years of owning my gallery I decided (with the help of worn out hands) that it was time for a change.


Betsy Ratzsch 

Upcoming Events 

Ada Library Exhibit

From January 10 to March 31, 2023, fourteen of my Lake Michigan paintings are on display at the Amy Van Andel Library and Community Center in Ada, MI.  Stop in and see them in person (7215 Headley St, SE, Ada) or check out the video!

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